CRYSTAL2PLATE is a coherent training and career development platform for early stage and experienced scientists in Geodynamics, Geochemistry, Petrology, Fluid Mechanics and Seismology. It involves 7 European research teams internationally recognized for their excellence in complementary fields of Earth Sciences, to which are associated 2 high-technology SME and 2 multinational companies in the oil and gas industry.

It places emphasis in experience-based training through cross-disciplinary research projects that combine case studies in well-chosen target areas with new developments in seismology, geochemistry, laboratory and numerical modelling of the mantle from the cm to the global scale. These multidisciplinary projects altogether aim to answer a key question in Earth Sciences, still unsolved 40 years after the establishment of the plate tectonics theory: How mantle convection produces, and is modified by, plate tectonics. To attain this objective, CRYSTAL2PLATE projects will explicitly consider interactions between physical and chemical processes as well as between crystal-scale processes and large-scale dynamics in the mantle.

CRYSTAL2PLATE will provide to 10 early-stage researchers and 2 experienced researchers: (1) state-of-the-art concepts and leading-edge techniques essential to study complex natural systems via the research projects, courses, and scientific exchanges within and beyond the network; (2) essential career-management skills via courses and practical activities aimed to develop their organisational, management, and networking skills; (3) an understanding of the impact of research results for the private sector and an insight of the enterprise world via exchanges and visits to the industrial partners; (4) new possibilities of career development via professional contacts in academia and industry.

Final Summary Report May 2013
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